Hard-Wearing Industrial Paint Coatings

Don’t let the weather wear down the outside of your structure. Phone our crew based in Manchester, Greater Manchester, for an industrial paint coating service that prevents corrosion.

Units before - Industrial Paint Coating
Units after - Industrial Paint Coating

Protective Paint

Help protect your building from fire with industrial paint. Fairway Decorating Services Ltd work to your specifications or one of our surveyors can advise you. Structures this service is perfect for include:

• Underground pipelines
• Offshore platforms
• Storage tanks
• Bridges

Peerless Protection

Invest in industrial coatings to protect your structure and make it look fantastic. These paints help with corrosion control on steel structures or heat protection. Benefits of this product include:

• 20 times thicker than paint
• Does not peel, chip, or flake
• Protects against dirt, mould, algae and chemicals
• Protects structure from damp

• Repairable
• Easy to apply an overcoat
• Easy to repair

Painting Experts

Discover a company that has an expert knowledge of the products they use. We only use the best paint for your site. Polymers that are often used in industrial coating include:

• Epoxy • Polyurethane

• Moisture-cure urethane

Contact Fairway Decorating Services Ltd for durable industrial
paint coatings that safeguard your construction.

Cars outside of Unit - Industrial Paint Coating